Professional Massage Training in Dublin, Ireland


Dave Taylor is a professional massage tutor offering training in the UK at Devon, Putney, and Dublin. If you are looking to join him at Dublin, Ireland for a course it is vital that you first to check the details. Training provided in his massage centre if top-notch and had seen many graduates succeed in this business and fit most of the professional associations in the same field. His teaching is based on the well-renowned Raynor Brandon who has over two decades of experience in the massage industry.

Course overview

Training offered by Dave Taylor is wholly based on developing practical skills rather than passing written exams. Practicals are mainly provided to students to impart into them skills about conducting a functional massage. The period for a complete course usually is between five and ten days. The period is long enough to allow you to understand various techniques applied to make the massage exercise successful. There is no prior knowledge required to enrol for a course with Dave Taylor because he provides all the necessary information from day one to the last day.

Certificate course in Dublin

The certificate course offered by Dave Taylor takes typically five days with the first day being an introduction day where students get to interact and give their views about what they feel they should learn. With this certificate, you can start your professional massage parlour. The extent of the certificate course is the deep tissue massage, and with that, you receive the Raynor certification that will help you to run a yoga or personal training exercise. The course is interactive, and you will experience the effect of each technique if you volunteer to participate.

Diploma course in Dublin

The diploma massage course is a little bit different from the certificate course because of the intensity of the training and the length of the course. Fields involved in the diploma training include pregnancy massage, reflexology and aromatherapy which are not covered I the certificate course. More techniques are taught by Dave Taylor about the deep tissue massage and students are required to learn on their own under instructions from the Dave. The students will then swap after some intervals of time, and the process goes on and on until they master the skills.

Payment for the two programmes

Fees for both courses start from 1195 EUROS which is relatively proportional to the level of training you receive after completion of the course. If you wish to take a full course, then you will have to pay for the two programmes and then you will attend the cases for an extended period of up to ten days in total. The classes are scheduled to take place at dates given in the official site whose link I gave you at the beginning. Book as early as you can to avoid pushing your training to the next schedule when you can complete the training now and start your business and train more massage therapists

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