Visiting the UK in Autumn


The Autumn (or Fall) is a great time of year to visit the UK. The season stretches from September to November, with the weather generally being cool. Being the UK, the weather is always a point of conversation, and there is not really a true pattern as to what you can expect during this season! Most autumnal weather here in the UK features clouds, a little rain, and cool temperatures.

There are lots of things to see in the Autumn in the UK. There are some truly spectacular woodland areas where you can experience walking amongst the stunning colours of red, orange, and yellow leaves on the trees. The leaves change colour in the autumn thanks to the reduced need for the green pigment chlorophyll as there is fewer hours of sunlight during the day.

Places to stay in the UK are plentiful, from hotels and hostels through to campsites and yurts. We recommend you find accommodation to suit your budget and your family needs. For great autumn breaks UK we love staying in park homes and caravans near the attractions we want to visit. Away Resorts offers a range of stunning park homes and holiday lets to suit a wide range of families and budgets. One of the main benefits of travelling during the Autumn with taxis is that many holiday parks will be that bit quieter once the main summer season dies down.

Some great attractions to see during an Autumn break could include having a lovely cosy stop off at a countryside pub – nothing says aumtumn like a hot chocolate or red wine next to a roaring fire in a pub. Quintessentially British, the classic pub visit will usually involve a meal these days, with many pubs offering up delicious fare to go with their drinks menu. Other things you might want to do could be visiting a beach for a bracing walk along the coast, or perhaps see some animals at a zoo or animal park. We have a huge range of stately homes, museums and churches to see too, if cultural attractions are more your thing.

What should you pack in your case for your autumn break in the UK? To start with, always expect the unexpected, especially when the weather is concerned – it is known to be highly changeable throughout the autumn months, so you could have anything from torrential rain through to a late heatwave. Always pack a range of layers you can wear to keep you warm and dry. A waterproof coat is an essential! Along with waterproofs, some comfortable walking shoes will be a good idea, as it is very easy to walk in the UK. Most towns and cities are excellent for walking round, and you can usually see a lot more on foot. If you do need to use public transport, you can pay with a credit or debit card on most buses, and tickets for trains can be bought from stations or online. Do carry some loose coins with you too if you can, as some rural services still rely on cash!

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