A dash of culture, history and amazing food in Kolkata


Book a flight to Kolkata to embark on a whirlwind holiday – you will never be the same again after you’ve come away from the land of high culture and even higher spirits!

Kolkata is a city bustling with activity and also with culture. Affectionately nicknamed ‘The Oxford of the East’ due to its status as a seat of higher learning, Kolkata today is a charming metropolis known as much for sites like the State Archaeological Gallery and St Paul’s Cathedral, as the charming cafes and drinking joints.

Book Delhi to Kolkata flight this season to find out what makes this fabled city tick:

* Visit the Sundarbans. The Sundarbans are India’s biggest river delta housing the largest area of mangroves anywhere in the country. Mangroves have their own ecosystem comprising flora and fauna, and you can take a guided tour to sneak a peek at Royal Bengal Tigers, various species of exotic birds and even colourful flowers and insects. The Sundarbans feature on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, and is one of the few natural pharaonic forests in Asia.

* Take a dekko of Eden Gardens. Kolkata loves its football, but it is totally crazy about cricket as well. The average cricket lover at Eden Gardens is a vociferous, passionate fan that has often come to blows with ‘opposing’ sides during a thrilling match. Eden Gardens is one of cricket’s most hallowed grounds, just like Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. It was established in 1864 and is also a remnant of the British Raj like so many other spots in Kolkata.

* Update your Insta feed at Howrah Bridge. Various yesteryear movies have used it as a backdrop, and there’s also a thriller Hindi film by the same name. Howrah Bridge is one of Kolkata’s standout tourist attractions, and it makes for an excellent background for a romantic night out on the river. It also offers the most spectacular photo op for your social media!

* Gorge on the most delicious food.Taking a Delhi to Kolkata flight to see the sights is all fine, but it’s a trip wasted if you don’t sample the best Bengali cuisine. Kolkata certainly loves its drink, but it loves its food even more. And there’s so much to eat ranging from roshogullas, sondesh, garlic kulchas, Kosha mangsho (mutton curry), chicken kabiraji (chicken mince fried with egg, bread crumbs and spices), chelo kebab, puchkatomachherjhol. And these are just some of the many dishes that come to mind!

* Shop at Park Street. Kolkata is also famous for its shopping haunts, especially if you are looking for cotton sarees and dress materials, but also handicrafts, statuettes, tea and coffee powders, jute items and sweets. If you want to get some shopping done on your trip, just head to the famous Park Street, which has a clutch of high-end shops as well as little stalls. You can shop to your heart’s content for practically everything you want, especially when Christmas is around the corner.

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