Best Places On Santorini


Santorini is a popular destination for people seeking vacations in paradise. Incredible sunsets, picturesque landscapes, and exceptional Mediterranean cuisine make this island a perfect place for weddings, celebrations, or dream holidays. 

You can stay in a hotel or rent one of the luxury villas in Santorini with private pool. There you will enjoy leisure and luxurious comfort. In both cases, you’ll want to visit the most interesting places on the island. We can give you some tips on this topic.

Archeological Site Near Akrotíri

This appealing site presents excavations of an ancient village buried during the volcanic eruption. You can walk through the archeological site and see the debris of houses and buildings. Pottery, ceramic and ancient drainage systems are displayed here. It’s a very compelling way to spend a day.

Red Beach

Near the ruins of the ancient city, you can find a famous red beach. It’s almost always crowded, but at least you can enjoy the spectacular view of clear blue water in front of the red rocks. Keep in mind that landslides are not rare here, so take care.

Mountain Profítis Ilías

If you value breathtaking views, you’ll have to travel to the island’s highest point, the mountain Profítis Ilías. Here you can watch the surrounding scenery and visit a sanctuary built in the 18th century. The library and kitchen are open to the public in the monastery and are fascinating even if you are not a history fan.

Black Beach

12 kilometers away from Firá there is a famous coastline with black volcanic sand. The beach is surrounded by restaurants and cafés and well-equipped for sunbathing and water sport activities.


The main attraction of the island formed by volcanic activity is the volcano itself. Of course, it’s not active, and now you can see only a crater filled with seawater. You can easily book a one-day tour to the caldera, spend an amazing time on the boat and visit hot springs.

Open-Air Cinema

Have you ever watched a movie in the middle of the forest in a modern open-air cinema? It’s a must-have experience, so go to the Cinekamari or Kamari Open Air Cinema. It’s open every evening from May till October.

Ammoudi Bay

This port near Oia strikes with crystal clean water, and tiny tavernas with tables placed a few centimeters from the sea. You can swim in isolated coves and challenge yourself with cliff-diving. For less extreme tourists, we recommend taking pleasure in watching a magnificent sunset. 

Boutari Vineyard

Feel yourself a sommelier in a famous private winery. Here you can learn many interesting things about grapes and taste the most famous Greek wines. You can easily find different tours to this vineyard and other wine-producing places, such as Estate Argyros.

Ancient Thera

During your tour to this amazing archeological site, you’ll see remains of ancient buildings from the 9th century BC. Feel the history and discover well-preserved objects from several historical periods. After walking between ancient temples and houses, take a cable car trip to an archeological museum to study the showpieces from the old to the Roman era.

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