How does Intermiles help with online hotel booking?


Have you ever planned an only friends trip with your girl gang but somehow that plan didn’t work out? Yes, we all have been there. And the reason that plan does not work out is mostly because of the extensive budget that is required for booking accommodation. It is an unavoidable truth that hotel booking can be an expensive affair and finding the right accommodation with excellent facilities is like looking for that perfect couch or sofa for your living room. To take care of it Intermiles has come to offer you a variety of hotel listings comprising 1.5 million properties established across 40,000+ cities- be it a simple homestay or an elite hotel. Additionally, it also provides you with assured rewards and deals to make the entire journey worth remembering. So, give way to hotel booking online with Intermiles to know how it would benefit you.

1. Hosts a humongous number of hotels

Destinations covered by Intermiles

Intermiles helps you to book hotels not just in India but also abroad. You can type in the desired location you want to travel and the easy-to-use database will display a humongous number of hotels that you can choose from. Boasting more than 1.5 million properties you are offered a wide range of options as per your budget and convenience. From well-equipped guest houses to simple and cosy cottages to exquisite 5-star luxury hotels, there is room for all types of properties on Intermiles. Thus, booking accommodation with Intermiles is a wise thing to do.

2. Membership privileges

Member-exclusive deals and offers on Intermiles

Intermiles has earned quite a reputation for its custom generated loyalty programmes that offer assured travel and lifestyle rewards to its members. If you sign up for the loyalty programmes that are available in few stages like Red, Silver Gold and Platinum you can get unexpected deals and offers on several packages that the hotels might feature. Also, Intermiles offer amazing discounts on hotel stays from simple budget hotels to classy luxury hotels that would allow you to spend less money on accommodation thus, uncompromising the spirit of travelling to a new place.

3. Advance hotel booking

Properties available for booking on Intermiles

As soon as you plan a trip, reserve accommodation in advance. With Intermiles you can ensure whether the accommodation is a ‘pay when you arrive’ booking. You can also check whether it is a non-refundable accommodation or not, on Intermiles. There is always a chance of finding a better hotel or resort with much more attractive deals and discounts. Intermiles thus allow you to compare the rates and offers given by the hotels and then take an appropriate decision. Thus, with Intermiles early booking helps you confirm the stay at a given place typically at a good price.

4. Save on hotel booking

Hyatt Regency page on Intermiles

With Intermiles you can save a lot on hotel booking. As it holds the reputation of providing lucrative rewards and discount coupons on various hotels. Intermiles would allow you to save the maximum on hotels so you can spend wisely on exploring destinations that you have added to your bucket list. With membership privileges, tiered recognitions and awesome discounts, Intermiles benefits you with booking the best of best accommodations at reasonable pricing. It can be a jackpot if you are an elite tier member as it would allow you to earn 75% bonus Intermiles on your hotel stay.

5. Member reviews

Hyatt Regency user review page on Intermiles

Intermiles offer a member review section for you to check into the other peoples’ experiences who have already stayed at the particular hotel you are eyeing on. You can get the detailed information including the service, amenities, location and cuisine of your preferred hotels in the member review section of Intermiles. This will eventually help you to get the best accommodation that suits your preference and meets all the criteria. You can also share your reviews to help the future guests of the hotel and get rewarded with exciting offers and prices from Intermiles.

Offering you the best rewarding travel and lifestyle experience, Intermiles provides a variety of hotels to choose from. You also get a detailed view of the listed properties which enables a clear understanding and budget management.

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