How to Manage Waste in Tourist Cities


When you are traveling, the easiest things to carry are disposable items simply because you don’t need to bring the waste back home. So, while you travel and collect memories in exotic places, you also leave behind excessive and avoidable trash. In an effort to keep the environment clean, especially in tourist cities, the government and the various tourism organizations are taking steps to minimise their imact on the areas that they aim to promote. Learn more about these efforts here.

Reuse bags

So, you start roaming around the city, capturing pictures. Then, you pass by some souvenir shop. You immediately enter and think about the things your friend might like back home. So, you start choosing and picking some stuff. You go to the counter to purchase them. If you are an environment-friendly traveler, bringing a reusable bag or asking the cashier if they’ve some reusable bags is way better that using plastic.

So, say yes to reusable bags. You may still use them after going back to your hometown. Also, some stores offer a discount if you bring a reusable bags yourself. When you do this, you just don’t reduce waste but you also save money.

Drink without straw

According to National Geographic, a study has proven that there is an estimated eight million tons of plastics in the ocean. These plastics have been accumulated for several years. And one of the most common plastic-based material collected was straws.

You don’t want to visit a tourist spot again and see that the whales and other sea creatures are already gone. In a small way, you can help save the animals and the ocean. If it’s not necessary to use a straw, stop using it. Aside from harming the environment, it may also harm your health.  Using straws increases the chance of cavity growth in the mouth.

Stop buying bottled water

Do you know that there are 50 million bottles of water collected in America per year? Instead of going out and buying bottled water, bring your own reusable and refillable bottle wherever you go. It will help you to save money. You can also reduce the amount of waste you accumulate in a day.

Bring your own utensils

Instead of requesting a plastic knife and fork when eating on the go, why not bring your own resuseable and environmentally friendly utensils. You can address several issues if you do this. First of all, you can lessen the use of plastic utensils in fast food chains and restaurants. Secondly, you can ensure that what you’re using is clean and sanitary.

Pick up trash

Though people have been reminded time and again about the risks of throwing their trash in the streets, you still see some doing it. While you can’t be responsible for everyone else’s trash, you can certainly manage your own. Make sure you’re not contributing to the litter problem, and if the mood takes you, you can always commit to picking whatever litter you come across.

Final Thoughts

There is only one Earth. In our pursuit to experience all that this planet has to offer us, we can take the responsibility to preserve them while we’re there. So, let’s be responsible travelers and manage our waste properly.

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