Where To Taste The Best Wines?


Most drinkers of wines are girls. For them, drinking wine is so much chicky and with class. For them, wine is a special drink. It is not a common drink, the fact that it can only be drunk on special occasions and class bars and restaurants. As a wine lover, you might be familiar with different tastes of wines. To add up more of your wine experience, discover the wineries in Mornington Peninsula.

The Mornington Peninsula wineries

If you plan to visit and have a tour with the wine regions, it can be so much tiring. Why? You can take a walk with wide vineyard. But, it could never be tiring once you tasted the intensely sweet grapery flavor of grapes. Plus, what makes these vineyards more exciting is the huge wineries in Mornington Peninsula. You may have a well-planned itinerary to the cellar doors and best wineries. You may have a stopover to refuel and re-energize the palate. Mornington Peninsula is one of the regions that gain popularity amongst wine lovers. The region is located in Australia with its breathtaking bay views, an ideal location to have a wine weekend. The Peninsula has a unique landscape and maritime climate offering a worth-exploring land. Eyes are not only satisfied but filled the stomach as well. You will never visit the place with an empty stomach. You can have a taste with their fresh grape handpicked from the vineyard. Plus, get indulged with wine tasting in the best wineries in Mornington Peninsula.

Best wineries in the region

There is a list of best Mornington Peninsula wineries in the region. You may have the following wineries to visit:

  • Kerri Green The winery in the region produced wines with a real difference. It offers a fresh cool vibe that you will perfectly love. After tasting a wine, you will probably get excited to have a taste of all the wine varieties available. You will get interested in tasting them all because of the distinct taste that entices your taste buds.
  • Ocean Eight. The region lies the barn-like cellar door with the beautifully manicured garden. It is one of the most recorded wineries that will take you to the vineyard paradise. Wines are stored in the barrel hall and underground cellar making the taste refined and elegant ranges of wines.
  • Rahona Valley. The region is hidden away in the Red Hill. It has a beautiful vineyard of a boutique winery. The stunning amphitheater of trees. It has a native forest where lies the isolated haven of vines. The landscape and climate of the vineyard make equally beautiful wines. The region has a cool climate letting the vineyard area cooler in temperature that result to have a unique taste of wine flavor.

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