Which are The four most luxurious airports in the world?


If you are looking for new curiosities about the destinations you visit, you should know the most exclusive airports in the world and thus plan your next visit.

Millions of people fly every day because, in addition to being a safe means of transport, it is one of the fastest. For this reason, airports become essential in our trips since they are the first thing we know when arriving at that destination. For this reason, if you still need to learn the curiosities of the best airports in the world, let us tell you a little about these great spaces where flights land daily.

1. Hamad International Airport, Qatar:

They were designed by Bechtel Corporation, where the theme of its decoration is an oasis. They imitate the waves of the sea and desert plants thanks to their undulating roofs. This is considered One of the most modern airports in the world and, of course, one of the most luxurious. In addition, it is the base of Qatar Airways, one of the most important airlines. If you want to surprise yourself, the Al Mourjan VIP room can serve a thousand people simultaneously. 

2. Singapore Changi, China:

It is regarded as the largest airport in the world. In addition, it is the masterpiece of BIM, as Safdie Architects designed its interior. Everything is big and excessive in this airport through which thousands of passengers pass, both as origin and destination and for stopovers. Here, you can find different attractions such as its movie theatre, video game rooms, spas, a four-story slide, a garden of plants typical of Singapore and another with more than a hundred species of cacti and plants from arid areas of Africa and America.

3. Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates:

Being the main airport in Dubai, the most important in Middle Asia and one of the busiest in the world. As passengers, upon landing, you will enjoy one of the most impressive Duty-Free in the world due to its large size and number of stores. Similarly, it offers VIP lounges to wait for flights with the greatest possible comfort. In these rooms, they offer services such as TV, meals, children’s areas, smoking rooms, spas, WI-FI, and facilities for business conferences and press, among many others. 

4. Zurich, Switzerland:

They are located in Kloten. This airport knows that sometimes the wait for flights is prolonged; for this reason, they offer their visitors a designated area with more than 80 shops, where they can find everything from restaurants with the best gastronomic proposals, showers to cool off, VIP salsa to relax and bars to have fun and start the great adventure that is to travel. In addition, they offer guided tours every Sunday for eight Swiss francs to avoid boredom.

More about Dubai International (DXB):

Dubai International (DXB) remains the world’s busiest airport by several international passengers for the eighth consecutive year after registering 29.1 million annual traffic in 2021. DXB’s yearly traffic exceeded forecasts for the year by more than half a million passengers.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, outlined an eventful year that, despite the uncertainties of the global pandemic, contained many milestones demonstrating several bold steps taken by Dubai and its aviation sector to lead the travel recovery. Global airshows, including the successful hosting of Dubai Airshow 2021, the world’s first significant airshow since the start of the pandemic, DXB’s return to 100% operational capacity and the opening of the world’s largest internal airport laboratory room for the rapid processing of Covid-19 PCR test samples for visitors to Dubai.

Describing DXB’s behaviour in 2021, Griffiths said: “Despite unprecedented turmoil affecting millions of people around the world, we overcome many severe obstacles to the operation of the world’s largest international hub and provide a smooth ride. Comfortable and safe for millions of people travelling through DXB. Despite these severe challenges to our continued success.

“With the eagerly anticipated reopening of key markets and the further relaxation of travel regulations around the world, the outlook for 2022 is auspicious, and we are in an excellent position to continue leading the global air transport sector on the path to Recovery”.

The success rate of DXB:

Current forecasts indicate that DXB traffic could reach 55.1 million by the end of 2022, but Griffiths reckons that if current trends continue, that figure could be exceeded by a significant margin.

DXB received 29,110,609 passengers during the year 2021, a year-on-year growth of 12.7%.

The number of flight movements in DXB reached 77,671 during the fourth quarter, bringing the annual flight movement to 233,375, a year-on-year growth of 28.1%. 

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