Why You Should Consider Visiting Nepal Next?


Nepal is a wonderful country, as it offers so many things for the tourists to explore or get involved in. From natural wonders to man-made attractions, there are so many things to see here that you’ll be stunned each and every day during your stay here. If you’re someone who loves adventure, Nepal can prove to be a paradise for you. There are so many adventure activities for you to try that you could stay here for months and you still won’t get bored. The tourists generally complain about one thing at the end of their journey, and that is, time. Whatever amount of time you choose to spend here, it’s not enough to explore Nepal fully.

Flora and Fauna

Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world when it comes to the density of flora and fauna. Despite the fact that Nepal consumes only 0.01% of the total land area of Nepal, it houses around 0.1% of all the living creatures in the world. This fact alone is enough to tell you how rich the country is in terms of the number of plants and animals. Nepal has diverse geography. When you go from the south to the north, you come across varied landscapes. You’re sure to come across different animals, birds and plants, specific to the region, no matter what part of the country you are in. Few of the rare animal species found in Nepal are Snow Leopard, One-horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, Himalayan Black Bear, Red Panda, and so on. In the same way, some of the rare species of birds found in the country are Himalayan Moonal, Blood Pheasant, Red Billed Chough, Yellow Billed Chough, and so on. You can explore these flora and fauna during your visit to the numerous national parks and protected areas of Nepal like Chitwan National Park, Annapurna Conservation Area, Sagarmatha National Park, and so on.

Trekking in Nepal is another great way of exploring these flora and fauna. The destinations like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Manaslu and more lets you observe these wealthy biodiversity of Nepal.

Cultural and Religious Heritages

If there is one thing that Nepal is known for, it’s religious and cultural heritages. There are so many centuries’ old heritages in Nepal that tell about Nepal’s rich history, norms and values. Altogether, there are 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal. 2 of them are the gifts of nature, however the rest are of religious and cultural significance. During your visit here, make sure to visit these cultural and religious heritages. Patan Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square are the three palace squares located in the cities of Patan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. These squares consist of numerous temples, palaces and palace courtyards. The UNESCO World Heritage sites also include temples like Swayambhunath temple, Boudhanath Temple, Pashupatinath temple and Changu Narayan Temple. These are the ones that are located inside the valley and anyone who lands in Nepal is bound to visit these heritages. Lumbini is yet another World Heritage Site. It is located outside the valley in the western part of the country. It is a complex of temples dedicated to Buddhism.

Adventure Sports

Nepal is home to so many hills and mountains, and these geographical structures invite the adventure enthusiasts from all over the world and offers them the opportunity to try the different adventure sports in and around them. When it comes to adventure sports, well, people generally think of them to be extreme and meant only for a selected group of individuals with a strong heart. Well, not all adventure sports are that extreme. That’s the best thing about adventure sports in Nepal; there is something for everyone here. Depending on your interest and level of expertise, you can choose the one that’s best for you. There are extreme sports that are meant to be tried only by the experienced ones, like expedition, rock climbing, bungee jumping, skydiving, and so on. On the other hand, there are mild ones that anyone can try, for instance, rafting, hot air ballooning, paragliding, and so on. So, whether you’re someone who’s an enthusiast, or someone who’s trying adventure sports for the first time, you would never be disappointed. You would want to keep repeating these activities till your heart’s content.

Diverse People

Nepal is a home of people belonging to so many castes, creeds and ethnicities. These people have their own customs and traditions, and they follow different religions. Together, the people of this country appear like the different petals of a flower. That is something that is worth observing during your visit here. When you take a tour of Nepal, you’ll get to explore different cities and settlement areas. In these places you will come across interesting people. Use this opportunity to get to know about them, and even live their lifestyle. One of the best things that you can do here is go on a cultural tour. On a tour as such, you will get to live with a typical Nepali family. You will eat with them, be a part of their day to day activities, and if you happen to come during the festivals, you will also get to celebrate their festivals with them. There is no better way to explore the lives of the people living in the country. You could also simply talk to the indigenous people that you come across during treks. You will not just get to know about them, but also their locality and the trekking region overall.

For these reasons and many others, you should definitely consider visiting Nepal during your upcoming holidays. Whether you’re here for a week long trip or you’re here for a month long vacation, if there’s one thing that’s certain is that you’re going to have the most amazing time here. You can go for luxury tours here, like food tours and cultural tours, or you can go for extreme ones like expedition, and of course there are these adventure sports. Whatever you choose to do during your holiday here, you’re sure to create memories. There is no way you can get enough of this wonderful country in one go. You’re bound to return here time and again.

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