The Best Western Australian Electric Vehicle Road Trips


Western Australia has arguably some of the world’s most stunning natural beauty and coastline. Nothing can beat watching the sun set over the coast, whilst sipping on your favourite drink at the Cottesloe Hotel. But if you are keen to hop back in your electric vehicle and explore the best that Western Australia has to offer, we have put together a list of some of our favourite EV road trips. What better time to start planning your next adventure?

Before you leave on your EV Road Trip


When you’re planning your Western Australian EV road trip, be sure to check out the Plug share website and download the Plug share app on your phone, so you know what your charging options are as well as check-ins from other drivers on what’s available. Maximise your opportunistic and overnight charging, by planning to stop at restaurants, towns and hotels that have EV charging, this way you maximise you’re charging time whilst minimising your downtime – its win-win.

Essential EV Accessories

In order to ensure that you have all the necessary access to charging facilities throughout your journey be sure to pick up the following standard accessories:

Type 2- Type 2 EV Charging Cable: You will need this cable to access all universal charging stations which don’t have a fixed cable.

-Type 1 EV Adapter: Will allow your newer Type 2 vehicle to utilise an EV Charger with a fixed Type 1 Cable (Chargepoint)

Optional Accessories

Three Phase Portable Charger: These are a great option as they can open up a significant amount of charging options at caravan parks, show grounds and industrial sites, providing 32amps or up to 120km of range per hour charged, depending on the vehicle you drive.

Margaret River

For all of the wine, food and surfing lovers put this one on the top of your bucket list. Only a leasurely three hour drive from the heart of Perth, sits the world famous Margaret River rgeion. Check out Busselton Jetty on your way down to the centre of town, and don’t forget your surfboard, as this region has some of the world’s best waves. Yallingup, North Point, and Margaret River Main break are some of the star attractions here, with some of the best right and left hand barrells you can get in Australia. After a long day exploring check out the world class cellar door wineries, producing fantastic red and white wines. One our all our time favourites is the House of Cards Winery, the name was inspired by the gamble that winemakers and growers take every vintage – you have to play the hand you are delt.

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While there you can enjoy a complimtary 22kW EV charging session, perfect to refil your battery and your belly before heading back to your hotel for the night. You will find most of the local hotels, caravan parks and many Air BnB’s have also installed EV charging stations which makes things really easy. In addition to this the RAC electric is available to give you a rapid DC Charge to help you make the trip back to Perth in only one stop.

Albany & Esperance

If you continue along with your drive from Margaret River South West, you will make your way towards Albany & Esperance, where the golden outback meets the Southern Ocean and a string of stunning white-sand beaches. The best time to visit by far, and to make this journey, is between November and February when it’s driest and hottest. Make sure you pack your boardies and your walking shoes as you’ll be exploring some of the most stunning National Parks in Australia, and cooling off in the turquoise blue waters across this coastline. Be sure to check out Stirling Range & Cape Range National Parks, as well as Two Peoples bay. This part of the Western Australia even has its own famous drive to match Victoria with the Great Ocean Drive. Most of the EV charging stations will be located in Albany and in Esperance, with a range of three phase outlets available in the surrounding caravan and tourist parks.

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Road tripping in an electric vehicle to discover Western Australia is one of the best ways you can experience the natural beauty of this amazing state. With a bit of planning and preparation, range anxiety won’t be a concern, just take that extra time to organise yourself before heading off, and be sure to carry the right cables and chargers in your boot to ensure you can always access some form of charging.

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