Tips for Solo Travelling


In the comfort of your house, it is difficult to imagine what it must be like to be out there alone in a foreign land. It is true that solo travelling opens up the world of endless possibilities but it is also not necessary that each of them will be hunky-dory.

It doesn’t rule out the possibility of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere and neither does it guarantee that going out at night alone will not turn out to be an unnerving experience. Some of us may even wonder if it would be weird to eat alone in a restaurant.

Those who are slightly more dramatic may worry about getting attacked by a group of bandits or their car breaking down midway and such thoughts are enough to hold back even the most enthusiastic travellers from making a solo trip.

But if you wish to get over your irrational fears then following these tips should give you the strength to travel alone successfully:

Be Aware of your Strengths

For those who are much sociable in nature, travelling to countries whose local language they are not familiar with can be quite a maddening experience.

But if you are an introvert you shouldn’t have to care much about the language barrier. There are several cities in the world which have such a vibrant culture that you will have a great time simply observing the locals and interacting with their lifestyles.

Sofa Surf

You should look for room rentals that you can find in an apartment or try home stay options. This gives you the opportunity to connect with locals without taking extra efforts when you are travelling alone. You will have tons of options to choose from if you are a solo traveller.

Your landlord may not be so friendly so as to take you out and give you a guided tour of the city but you should be able to extract a few tips from him or her about the best ways to travel around or the best places to visit.

Hostels are great affordable options which are specifically meant for solo travellers but the only downside of choosing that as your accommodation is that you will be surrounded by tourists and may end up spending more time with them rather than with the locals.

Embrace Your Own Company

When you are travelling alone there will be many occasions where you may find yourself alone. Learning to love your own company is extremely crucial if you wish to be a solo traveller.

Solo travellers rarely experience difficulties in making new friends. They can do this at a bar by sitting next to a chatty gang or by offering to take photographs of families. Their free spirit and travel stories are enough to arouse the interest of strangers.

Solo travellers often get more attention than they may like in cultures which are hospitable and foreigner fascinated. You may have to learn how to say certain things in the local language such as ‘no, thank you’ or ‘absolutely not’ or a nonverbal gesture for ‘no’.

You can also never tell when you might find yourself in an awkward situation and having local help numbers programmed into your phone will give you the confidence to deal with such situations. It is quite likely that you may never have to use them but having them will give you a sense of security.

Take Plenty Photos

Travellers have the ability to tell a story through the pictures that they click on their trip. You should click pictures of whatever you find fascinating and grabs your attention even if it is the little details about a structure or a place.

Avoid Reading a Book

Travelling alone can be a daunting experience and finding an escape in the pages of a good novel can be an ideal way to avoid curious stares in restaurants or on public transport.

Travelling solo offers you the opportunity to absorb your surroundings and meet fellow travellers and locals along the way. Solo travelling makes you confident enough to be able to introduce yourself to strangers and also makes you comfortable to be by yourself.

Start Your Day Early

Even seasoned alcoholics can be a bit uncomfortable with the thought of going bar hopping alone. Another alternative is to start your day early, enjoy a good breakfast so that you don’t have to scavenge on the remains of what was a grand hotel breakfast buffet.

Later you can head out for museums, parks and other local attractions. If you fill each minute of your day with an activity you should fall asleep as soon as hit your bed in the late evening.

There are many things that you can learn from your solo travelling experience. Also, when you establish your reputation as a solo traveller people will begin to value your recommendations for vacation spots or stag do venues.

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