A few words about tourism in Armenia


In recent years, more and more tourists prefer Armenia. According to the National Statistical Service of Armenia, every year a little less than two million people visit the country. With a population of three million, this may seem a fairly good indicator. By the way, the legal position of the gambling business influences tourism development quite well, Darren Keane, Shangri La noted.

If we compare this data with the performance of other countries, for example, neighboring Georgia, where this figure is twice as high, then we have something to think about. And against the backdrop of the most visited country in the world – France, which annually receives more than 80 million people.

Armenia at the state level increases the attractiveness of the country. Private entrepreneurs open new tourist destinations. A few casinos pass to the VIP level, the first is made by Shangri La (Michael Boettcher is a founder).

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