How to Get Right Travel Insurance for Singapore Trip


Travelling can be so much fun if planned properly. Even unplanned trips give you a savoring experience. Although one is careful about the timeline and every other nitty-gritty of the trip, the most important thing on your checklist should be overseas travel insurance. A travel insurance policy can save you from the hassle of unexpected financial expenditure arising out of some sudden illness, or cancellation of the trip. Travel Insurance Policy can provide you with a holistic cover – damage due to accident, sudden illness, loss of personal belongings, cancellation, etc. You should choose your overseas travel insurance policy very wisely depending upon various factors like frequency of the travel or category of the person such as a senior citizen, businessmen and alike. For instance, if you are a frequent buyer, you can go for an annual plan. You can tailor your travel insurance policy also depending upon the number of members that are traveling and upon the dynamics of the group. Let us see some of the important elements that you need traveling to consider while deciding travel insurance for Singapore.

Study your Policy

Buying a travel insurance policy can be a tiresome task. What you can do is define your needs – list down the covers that you need, list down the categories of people if you are traveling in a group, list down the number of trips you are going to fly if you are a frequent traveler, et al. You ought to look for an insurance policy that suits your needs. Buying unnecessarily an expensive policy or a cheap policy that does not adequately cover your risks is not recommended. Carefully study the comprehensive cover that your policy provides and look for any exclusion.

Look for Health Cover

Health is one of the most worrisome elements while traveling. A trip can squander your hard-earned money if you do not account for any sudden medical illness. Ideally, a travel insurance policy that covers hospital bills, emergency medical situation billable, medicinal bills, billable for existing medical problems, should be opted to be hassle-free. It is imperative to furnish past medical information while filling the proposal form so that a policy that is suitable can be chosen and nullifying the claim can be avoided.

Cover for Cancellation of the Trip

A trip can also get canceled due to numerous reasons – natural or man-made disasters, flight issues, et al. One spends a lot of time and money behind pre-bookings and travel bookings; failure of the trip can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket without even actually have traveled. Hence, it is advisable to look for an insurance policy that provides a cover for cancellation of trip for reasons like natural or man-made calamities, flight-related issues, death or medical emergency of a non-traveling family person, etc.

Search for a Policy that Covers Loss of Personal Belongings

Personal belonging carrying valuables or important documents can get misplaces or stolen during a trip. An insurance policy that provides you financial protection from such losses should be looked for.

Be Aware of Exclusions

Overseas travel insurance policies often have certain terms and conditions. Exclusion might not provide you an extensive cover you require. Therefore, a conscientious buyer should look for such exclusions before deciding the policy.

Whether you are a frequent flyer or on a vacation to Singapore, you must buy an overseas travel insurance policy to be free from a lot of hassles. Reputed companies like Bharti AXA provide travel insurance for Singapore that has a comprehensive cover tailored for your needs along with a 24×7 claim assistance service.

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